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1 Mask, 3 Ways • Natural Exotic Clays


During the winter months, skin inevitably becomes dry, thus bringing to life a number of unwanted
issues. Cracked dry skin, signs of aging and itchy red patches. dry skin cannot be ignored.

Sonny & Dew customized exotic clay masks are the most talked-about part of our facials. Now you can whip up your own DIY clay face masks at home or with friends for a spa party!

Sonny & Dew's newest Handmade Facial Bar consists of luscious ingredients that not only smell divine but rejuvenate the skin as well.

Ready Made Masks

Serums not only moisturize, rejuvenate, lift & nourish skin, they also fight wrinkles and lines.

Only a few drops of serum can also boost the amount of collagen withing the skin and provide much needed nutrients to help counteract the signs of aging.

Skin Care Naturally 


Eyes are one of the first places that aging really shows.The usage of an eye cream into your routine each morning and   evening can improve the quality of skin around your eyes with weeks.

What are Face Clays?
Face Clay Masks are creamy, silky, detoxifying mixtures that refines pores while infusing skin with radiance and luminosity for buttery-soft texture.

Goat Milk & Rose
Charcoal, Tea Tree & Honey
Cocoa Powder, Yogurt & Oatmeal
Cucumber,Aloe Vera & Rhassoul
Coconut Milk, Aloe Vera & Oatmeal​

How to Use-
Your Face Clay comes with 3 recipes to get you started! Just mix together our recommended skin-loving ingredients with your choice of milk, egg whites, or water with the Face Clay mix.

Pores Be Gone-Purify
Stay Balanced-Anti-Aging
12 Hour Dewy Glow- Rehydrates
Flawless- Refine & Restore
Lavender Dream- Anti-Aging
Fresh Faced- Detox
Purely Gentle- Sensitive
Infinite- Firming
Squeaky Clean- Charcoal Magic

Berry Soothing- Hydrates


Your skincare routine each day should start & end with the use of a cleaner, so it is crucial to use one that is both natural & nourishing. Often times cleansers can be too aggressive which can cause short-term damage to skin.


​Pour, Mix, Mask!